Motor Girl #1 ComicWow! Review


Terry Moore is the genius behind Strangers in Paradise, Rachel Rising, and Homage Comics. His newest series is called Motor Girl. In it, a veteran (Sam) with a liking for vehicles is dying to get out of her town and explore the universe. Her gorilla partner, Mike, is less enthusiastic about her “drive to thrive” mentality.  When UFOs land in Sam’s front yard, she and Mike fix their ship. With an offer to buy Sam’s land, she finally has the chance to explore—will she take the offer?

Just about anything that includes UFOs is a good book to me, so I might be a little biased when I say that this is a good issue. There is a lot of great character interaction between Sam and Mike. The two talk really comfortably with each other. There isn’t all too much to this issue, except Moore introducing us to the characters and suggesting a possible plot line.

I really like the pacing of this issue. It’s steady but really calm, especially with the storyline. Sam and Mike move very slowly. They’re comfortable in their small town life, even if they (or at least Sam) wish(es) for more. Not much goes on around them, so they don’t do much of anything aside from cars and general machinery.

Moore’s artwork is simple yet holds a fair amount of detail. There are, however, extraneous lines here and there that give the illustrations a bit of a messy look. Usually it wouldn’t work out too well, but the artwork actually ends up looking really cool. There are intricate details like tire treads, facial hair, etc. We do see a distinct lack of background detail in the latter half of the issue, though. To add to the simplicity of the town, characters, and storyline, the entire issue is colored in black, white, and grey tones. It isn’t a very serious issue until the end, and the solemn hues play a big part in that.

Terry Moore is a very talented writer, artist, and creator. This series is no exception to his creative and imaginative mind. For sci-fi/fantasy readers, this series is definitely for you!

Written & Illustrated by: Terry Moore


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