Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur #13 ComicWow! Review


Lunella Lafayette (Moon Girl) is a nine-year-old prodigy, genius, absolute marvel! She lives with her parents in Manhattan’s Lower East Side. She doesn’t have many friends, but she does have Devil Dinosaur, a time-displaced Tyrannosaurus Rex.

In this issue, Lunella is trying to figure out an intelligence metric that Dr. Banner designed. Along the way, monsters are slayed and enemies are defeated. Once Lunella and the Hulk she is with are done doing a crap ton of damage to the city, she wonders why there isn’t a way to save people without causing so much damage. So, it’s off to the lab! There, she has a very, very weird dream, as her life gets even weirder in real life…

Writers Brandon Montclare and Amy Reeder write Lunella’s character perfectly. She’s nine years old. That means, even with her elevated IQ, she is super young, impressionable, has a lot of energy, questions nearly everything, and has a little bit of a sassy attitude. Her language, though sophisticated, sounds like the kind that a child would use. Despite the immense amount in which Lunella stands out, Montclare and Reeder are able to make her seem like a normal young girl, at least personality-wise.

The part that isn’t “normal,” though—the dinosaur, the underground lab, the genius intelligence, the inhuman powers, the superhero friends, etc.—make for a good story. Although the innocence of a nine-year-old girl makes this series very approachable, there is a reason it is rated T. It has very unrealistic (although extremely entertaining) aspects to it. The usual superheroes and violence and intricate technology and what not is included, which makes us even more likely to pick this issue up.

Artist Natacha Bustos illustrates most of this issue, while Leonard Kirk and Tamra Bonvillain illustrate Lunella’s dream sequence. Bustos’ illustrations are really clean, precise, and plain. There isn’t too much detail to them, nor heavy shadowing or anything of the sort. In the dream sequence, the entire art style changes. It was a fantastic idea to put Kirk and Bonvillain on this part of the issue. The dream has a lot of depth to it, justified by tons of dark shadowing. It just goes to show how big and dramatic Lunella dreams. She’s not stopping for anything. The inclusion of so many heroes makes me feel even more than Lunella is the future.

For any Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur fan, this issue is definitely one you can’t miss. For new readers, this is the start of something big, so keep reading to see what happens in the rest of this new story arc! Montclare and Reeder have done an awesome job portraying both the childish and genius sides of Lunella in this issue, and it couldn’t be more entertaining.

Written by: Brandon Montclare & Amy Reeder

Illustrated by: Natacha Bustos, Leonard Kirk & Tamra Bonvillain


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