Mighty Mouse #1 ComicWow! Review


Joey is a nerdy kid who’s into comics and cartoons more than anything. He spends most of his days at school alone, and then again once he’s home. When Joey is bullied more than usual, he draws a comic strip of his favorite cartoon, Mighty Mouse. He, Joey Justice, fights alongside Mighty Mouse to rid the world of bullies. But Mighty Mouse is just a cartoon…or is he?

Fisch’s script in this issue is as endearing as ever. Bullying is something so universal that we can pretty much all relate to what Joey is going through in one way or another. To bring such a serious subject into a comic book is something I can respect, as bullying has become a severe problem these days. It’s not something we often talk about, but it’s something we should talk more about.

Joey’s characterization is both interesting and relatable. He doesn’t have friends, he barely spends time with his family, and he’s a regular kid. He eats junk food and puts off homework for cartoons. We’ve been there. We’ve felt his pain, so we can sympathize with his character quite a bit. We want him to win, we want him to get help, and we want him to defeat his bullies. And with Mighty Mouse’s help, he just might be able to do so.

Lima’s illustrations are perfect for the tone of the script. The art style has an animated quality to it, while still keeping a realistic aspect that helps us connect the story to the real world. The art style changes from real life to the cartoon Joey is watching to the comic that he is writing. This is a really great way to decipher between sections and show off how versatile a talent Lima really is. The vibrant colors, by Pete Pantazis, definitely help the shifting tone of the issue come across more from page to page.

Mighty Mouse #1 is an awesome comic book that has a lot to do with modern day issues. It’s a heartwarming story that I’m sure has a lot of fun to come, so keep reading!

Written by: Sholly Fisch

Illustrated by: Igor Lima