Midnight Task Force #1—2 ComicWow! Review


Detective Aiden McCormick is the best and most successful member of the Detroit Police Department. What his cop friends don’t know, however, is that he’s hiding a mental condition from them—and it makes him carry his past burdens around with him. He is now in charge of investigating a series of murders in Detroit. He only has 72 hours to solve the case—will he be able to figure it out before the next kill?

Issue #1 introduces us to Aiden himself and shows us his detective skills—he ends up solving a kidnapping case hours after he receives it. We also find out the team he has with him when he’s alone… Yeah, you read that right. His old team, an expert in military operations and hand-to-hand combat, a mechanical and software engineering prodigy, a psychiatrist, and his apprentice are with him, the first three helping him solve the cases he is put on. I’m not 100% sure how just yet, but it sure does make for an interesting story and an even more intriguing protagonist. Issue #2 takes us deeper into Aiden’s world. Turns out he’s got a pretty tough life.

Mark London’s writing in this series is really clever. We get dialogue and caption boxes that include an inner monologue-esque type of dialogue from Aiden’s “partners.” The transitions are a bit abrupt, but the dialogue makes sure that the issue reads really smoothly and at a comfortable pace. The language used is simple and easy to understand.

The characterization in this series is on point; granted, we don’t see all too much of anyone besides Aiden in these first two issues. But his characterization alone tells us how well London is able to flesh out his characters.

Alejandro Giraldo’s artwork really adds a lot of personality to the series. Not only is the line work smooth and clean, but the coloring is done exceptionally well. Taking light sources, shadows, anatomy, and emotion into account, Giraldo is able to give us an accurate representation of each character’s personality and motive.

The design for Aiden is a really interesting one. He’s the best cop out there, but he looks the worst. With long, greasy hair, an unshaven face, plain clothes, and wrinkles, he certainly doesn’t look that important to the series. However, as we learn more about his past, we see why his self-care isn’t as great as everyone else’s. His character really stands out, keeping our attention and intrigue the whole way through.

This is yet another great series from Mad Cave Studios. Midnight Task Force is, however, a bit more mature than Battlecats. I’m actually really happy to see diverse titles that show a lot of versatility on the Mad Cave team. This is definitely a series to check out if you’re into crime, fantasy, and/or action. You won’t be disappointed!

Written by: Mark London

Illustrated by: Alejandro Giraldo