Mezco One:12 Collective DC PX Reverse Flash ComicWow! Review


A PREVIEWS Exclusive! Eobard Thawne is one of the Flash’s biggest enemies, as the Reverse Flash. With an extremely “real world” look, this figure is definitely a dramatic and essential piece to anyone’s Flash collection.

This figure has a ton of detail. Over 32 points of articulation make it perfect for any pose or stance. The realistic stance and sculpting make this figure just as stunning as ever. Thawne’s face is so beautifully sculpted, with a realistic snarl on his face and details so intricate that we can even see his stress lines and individual teeth!

The fabric used for Thawne’s costume is of high quality, with a special silk screening application, featuring the logo with gloves and boots, too. The sculpt of the anatomy and accessories on the figure itself are made with perfect precision and a really good paint job.

Reverse Flash comes with a ton of accessories: a standard masked portrait, sprinting hands, posing hands, fists, speed force lightning arm attachments, speed force lightning leg attachments, a “tornado” hand attachment, a display base, and a posing post. This figure is, obviously, well worth your time. With so many options as to how to pose him, Thawne will never look dull in your display.

Mezco’s One:12 Collective line contains amazing, beautiful, stunning figures from  characters like Harley Quinn to Frankenstein. This is a wonderful line that is sure to make your collection look professional, impressive, big, and a real showstopper.

For a closer look at this product, click here and watch the unboxing!