Mass Effect: Andromeda Figpins ComicWow! Review


Mass Effect: Andromeda was released in March of this year, and there has since been a lot of merchandise based on the game. Today, we’re taking a look at Figpins from the game. These are pins that are able to be pinned and stood alone as display pieces. The Andromeda collection features four main characters: Jaal, Peebee, Liam, and Sara Ryder.

Jaal is a native of the Andromeda galaxy. He joins forces with Ryder and their team. His name technically means “guy with cloak which moves.” His pin is probably my favorite of the bunch. It is one of the most vibrant, and is detailed enough that we can easily tell the character from a single glance. The design is done really well, taking wardrobe and realistic folds therein into account.

Next up, we have Peebee, whose real name is Pelessaria B’Sayle. She is a young Asari member of Ryder’s team. She is a loner mostly, but has a great thirst for adventure. She came to Andromeda on the Nexus, but left to go on an adventure before she met Ryder’s team. She joins simply to find out more about the galaxy. Her pin shows her standing with a gun in hand and a slight grin on her face. The paint job effectively reproduces her wardrobe, blue skin color, and texture on her head. This is a great item and an essential to the collection.

Liam is a human crisis response specialist. He learned of the Andromeda Initiative after meeting former Alliance people. He has a huge skillset and, because of it, he was hand-picked to join the Pathfinder team. His pin is very colorful, showing him in uniform with weapons attached to his arms. He looks really stoic and with good cause; he’s willing to do just about anything for the Initiative.

Last but not least we have Sara Ryder. She joined the Andromeda Initiative with her father and brother, getting a part in the Pathfinder team to find a home for humanity in the Andromeda galaxy, 600 years in the future. Her pin shows her in uniform, helmet and all, in a stance that’s ready for anything.

Each pin has a shiny metallic luster to it, making the lot of them look striking when side by side. I’m going to be honest; you can’t really have one without the other three. So, collect them all and create your own team of explorers!