Marvel x ThreeA Peter Parker/Spider-Man 1/6 Scale Figure ComicWow! Review


This ThreeA figure of Peter Parker/Spider-Man is incredible! Designed by Ashley Wood, this two-figure set brings a fan favorite character to a whole new level. This is the fourth character in the ongoing Marvel x ThreeA 1/6 Scale Figure series, and it does not disappoint.

Ashley Wood brings together Peter Parker’s urban nature and his genius side with his remote-controlled Spider-Bot to fight crime. This figure comes in two editions: the classic red and blue costumed edition (retail exclusive) and the black costumed stealth edition (Bambaland exclusive). Today, we’re talking about the classic red and blue costumed edition.

Peter stands at 10 inches tall and Spider-Man stands at a whopping 15 inches tall. There are a ton of things to love about both these figures. Let’s start with talking about the 30+ points of articulation in each figure. Peter has 32 and Spidey has 34. Spider-Man even has fully poseable finger joints! These two can be positioned in any scene to look as action-oriented as possible!

Now let’s talk about accessories. Spider-Man comes with LED illuminated eyes, which makes him look all the more badass. Peter Parker comes with a crap load of stuff, get ready: interchangeable hands (four sets of them, I know!), a robot controller accessory, a pretty freakin’ huge cloth backpack, a camera base body, a camera flash cube, a light meter, dust blower, and four interchangeable lenses (standard zoom, prime, telephoto zoom, and kit lens). Phew, that took a lot out of me.

Clearly, ThreeA delivers with this collectible. The quality of the material is also something that makes this collectible even more worth buying. The figures themselves are sturdy, but the cloth makes Peter look even more realistic. His clothes and backpack make him look like a simple boy with a dream, and that endearing nature is what I love about his figure. The paint job is done intricately and perfectly, with a detail-oriented scheme in mind.

This is well worth the $350 that it costs. Any Spider-Man fan has got to get their hands on this collectible. And any Marvel fan needs to check out the rest of the Marvel x ThreeA 1/6 Scale Figure Series. I promise you, it’ll be worth it to expand your collection with these masterpieces.