Marvel Alter Ego: Finders Keypers Statues—Deadpool & Baby Groot ComicWow! Review


I’ve just come across a very inventive collectible that I’m stoked to share with all of you. From Alter Ego comes Marvel-licensed “Finders Keypers.” What the heck is that? I’m glad you asked! Essentially, these collectibles are statues that also serve as keychain-holders. The keychains are placed in the front of the statues to look like logos on the base. It’s actually a really cool concept, and I can’t wait to get my hands on one of these bad boys for myself. Today, we’re going to talk about two of them: Deadpool and Baby Groot.

Let’s start with Baby Groot. The keychain on this statue is of the Guardians’ shield logo, purple and gold, and pretty damn gorgeous. It fits perfectly into the base, and the only way it’ll fall out is if you hold it upside down. It’s a great accessory for any Guardians of the Galaxy fan.

The statue itself is adorable, as is anything that features Baby Groot. He stands in a pose that is mid-dance, as justified by the boom box behind him. This is most likely based off of the most recent feature film, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, in which Baby Groot gets his groove on while the rest of the team is fighting off a fiendish foe. The sculpt is done beautifully, with details to account for his tree-like anatomy. He has an innocent smile on his face, and big eyes that you could stare at for days.

Moving on to Deadpool! The keychain on this piece is of the Deadpool logo, so it’s circular, simple, and will look good on anyone’s keys. The keychain fits perfectly into the base, so much so that even if you jostle around the statue (you probably wouldn’t, but let’s say something just so happens to move it), the keychain will stay in place. It’s as much a part of the statue as it is a separate keychain itself.

The statue is pretty impressive. Deadpool is standing over a crate, seemingly in the middle of an attack. He holds one hand behind him and the other in front, wielding a katana. We can see the rest of his accessories and weapons strapped to him, which shows a lot of detail. Realistic elements are used to create an authentic feeling, like anatomically correct sculpting and a paint job that shows us that Wade has been through some battle. The only down side I see to this figure is that Deadpool’s boots look a bit different from one another. The base of the statue is sturdy and ready for display in any collection and, overall, this piece looks great!


Both of these collectibles are well worth the endeavor to get for your collection. Not only are the keychains a great accessory, but the statues look amazing, too. Not to mention, keychain holders sound pretty darn cool. Make sure to check out these items as soon as you can!