Lonesomes #2 ComicWow! Review


Loneliness is something we’ve all felt, and it can be crippling. But what if the loneliest of people had the best of friends? That’s what lonesome are. These magic-animal hybrids show themselves to lonely humans for company. However, there’s more to them than we know, and a local vet might have the answers to our questions. Last issue, a Lonesome shows itself to a lonely Tom. Little does Tom know, Peat (the lonesome) will take him on an adventure through the world of the Lonesomes—all while exploring his own feelings.

Written in the Collectible Monster genre, Ryan Little draws inspiration from franchises like Pokemon, Digimon, and more. It’s easily detected in the script, but even more so in Eder Messia’s artwork. The Lonesomes are very reminiscent of creatures like these; they have a distinct look to them and play off of animals in the “real world.” Whether it’s wooden paws and leaves for fur or hippo skin with a filigree pattern, each new Lonesome we see looks as magical as the last.

In large part, this beauty of the Lonesome comes from colorist Fahriza Kamaputra. There is some heavy shadowing in this issue, but for the most part, Kamaputra sticks to bright and bold colors that give off a lively and upbeat tone. The unrealistic colors used for the Lonesomes’ artwork makes them seem almost ethereal, which pairs really well with Ryan Little’s script.

Putting the writing technique aside for a minute, the concept of this series is brilliant—no—genius. Personification of a feeling is always a really difficult and risky thing to do, but giving loneliness a shape, a form—and a beautiful one at that—is almost poetic in nature.

We don’t get all too much characterization in this issue, but we learn a bit more about Tom’s life. When he goes home, he has a Lonesome with him (Peat), but his mother doesn’t even notice. Not only that, but Tom lies right to her face about his day. As much as I understand this kind of interaction, it’s really sad. I’m definitely looking forward to some character development as the series moves forward.

Little leaves this issue off on a rather eerie note from a new character, filled with mystery, wisdom, and intrigue. The bad news? Apparently, Tom can’t keep Peat as a domesticated pet or friend or whatever. I got bummed on Tom’s behalf when I figured that out, but maybe this new character can fix things—who knows? Either way, I’m sticking around to find out.

Fantasy fans, this is your dream come true. For a fun story with heavy narrative themes, this series is your best bet. It’s only on issue #2, so get ready for a lot more action! To support the series, its creators, and the publication of issue #2, visit the series’ Kickstarter page and donate to show your support. If you do, you have plenty of rewards in store, including having your very own Lonesome appear in a future issue! How awesome is that?! Read it, support it, and love it. Enjoy!

Written by: Ryan Little

Illustrated by: Eder Messia

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