Leash Baby Kung-Fu #1—2 ComicWow! Review


I must admit, when I picked up this book, I was a little hesitant. My exact words were, “what am I looking at?” But upon reading the first two issues, I was pleasantly surprised at a story that enthralled me.

Dylan is a baby—an infant. And he knows Kung-Fu. He lives with his mother, who is doing her best to protect him from the people trying to eliminate her and kidnap him. The kicker is, though, the guy trying to kidnap Dylan is his grandfather. I know, right?

What I thought would be a rather simple story has turned into a captivating tale about deceit, action, stealth, and power. It’s such a weirdly awesome concept: this kid wears a leash that his mum holds and pulls him out whenever the “bad guys” need to be beat up. It’s so ridiculous that it makes for a really interesting story.

The script in these issues is simple and very telling. We don’t need a lot of dialogue to understand what’s going on, so Mcalister doesn’t push the text in these books. Moreover, the dialogue that we do see is straight to the point, easy to understand, and moves the books along at a steady and comfortable pace.

Daley’s illustrations really help tell the story. I mean, if there was no text, we could still see what’s going on, aside from the “grandfather” part. The line work is thick and not too neat, but it still looks really appealing. We don’t get all too much detail, but we don’t really need it in such an unrealistic story anyway. The colors are realistic enough, and are dulled down a bit—aside from the action sequences. I do wish the environment was more detailed, but we get the gist of the story nonetheless.

These two issues are a great start to the series. After the first, I was interested. After the second, I was overtaken by a sense of desperate want to figure out why the heck this baby is being kidnapped by family, how it caught on to Kung-freaking-Fu so early, what the mother thinks of all this, how smart this kid is. What must his IQ be to talk and move as well as he already does?! It’s mind-blowing! This is an intense but fun series that is well worth the read to any comic reader.

Written by: Erik Mcalister

Illustrated by: Shawn Daley