Kotobukiya’s MU Fine Art Statue Series: The Vision ComicWow! Review


Ultron created the Vision from the remains of the Human Torch (1940s) to serve as a source of vengeance against the Avengers. Little did he know, the Vision would get a conscience of his own and end up doing more good than evil—so much so that he becomes a member of the Avengers!

After Thanos, Kotobukiya’s exclusive Marvel Universe (MU) Fine Art Statue series is heading back to heroes. This mighty Avenger’s powers include flight, super speed, intangibility, near invulnerability, superhuman analytical capabilities, and much more. Clearly, he’s a powerful being. This statue portrays that power, and it looks absolutely striking.]

Mastermind Erick Sosa sculpted this beauty with a lot in mind—he thought of stance, powers/abilities, realism, anatomy, wardrobe, and setting. A lot of time was put into this statue, and it definitely paid off. Sosa has created a masterpiece here that’s well worth the buy to any MU and Vision fan.

In terms of stance, the Vision is standing with one arm down and one held outward, so as to signal his readiness for any opponent. Taking the Vision’s powers and abilities into consideration, he is more so floating than he is standing, as justified by the shape of his cape. It is flowing around the Vision in such a way that it looks as though he is suspended in midair.

 This statue is realistic within the MU in that it rightly portrays the Vision as a powerful being. Taking that realism further, Sosa takes the statue’s anatomy beyond impressive. We see each and every major muscle, and it makes the Vision look more powerful than ever. The wrinkles in the Vision’s face also lead us to believe he is hyper focused on something in front of him.

The Vision has been seen with this wardrobe before. He has red “skin,” a green jumpsuit, and a yellow cape, boots, and accessories. This wardrobe makes him look like the superhero he is, as opposed to the villain he was created to be. He hovers above a pile of rubble that probably signifies a battle with an opponent that led to some major damage in the surrounding area.

All of these details lend themselves a lot to the overall aesthetic of this statue. It looks absolutely stoic, and is a collectible that any fan of the MU needs to have in their possession. It’s truly one of the most beautiful statues I’ve seen, and is well worth the searching to get your hands on.