Kotobukiya Bishoujo Statue: Squirrel Girl ComicWow! Review


Kotobukiya has released a gorgeous statue of Squirrel Girl, designed by Shunya Yamashita. This collectible is from their line of Bishoujo statues, bringing new interpretations of Marvel characters that you know and love. Yamashita is famous for his striking female characters, and this statue of Doreen Green is no exception.

Squirrel Girl first appeared in 1992, when she tracked down Iron Man to try to become his sidekick. She has heightened agility and fighting skills, and can communicate with squirrels. Who wouldn’t want her as their sidekick?! She has a very distinctive look, what with a big bushy tail, and has become a pretty popular Marvel character.

Now, you can bring Squirrel Girl into your very own home, in a character interpretation that is absolutely beautiful. She has her signature massive tail as she kneels down on her knees and toes, talking to her squirrel friend, Tippy-Toe. Squirrel Girl is wearing olive tights, brown boots, a one piece outfit, a leather jacket, a utility belt with pouches, and a headband with squirrel ears on top. Even Tippy-Toe has an accessory—a pink ribbon tied around her neck.

The statue itself is sculpted with the utmost detail and care. We see realism from fur to hair in this piece, and small additions like Squirrel Girl’s buck teeth add a really genuine look to the collectible. She is also kneeling on a base that resembles the autumn season, with leaves scattered about underneath her.

This bright-eyed, busy-tailed collectible is a must-have for any Squirrel Girl fan. Kotobukiya’s Bishoujo statues are all stunning, and each deserves attention. This line is one that collectors need to check out. Go forth and collect!