Kotobukiya & ArtFX: The Killing Joke the Joker 1/6 Scale PVC Statue ComicWow! Review


“All it takes is one bad day to reduce the sanest man alive to lunacy.” –Joker, Batman: The Killing Joke

The Joker is a supervillain and archenemy of the one and only, Batman. He has a clown-like appearance, having escape from the local asylum for the criminally insane. He has been depicted as a psychopathic murderer and the source of tons of tragedy for the Dark Knight.

In the 1988 graphic novel, The Killing Joke, we are presented with the Joker’s origin story. This is thought of as the definitive Joker story and one of the best Batman stories ever to be published. The Joker was a tragic character, a failed comedian and family man who suffered “one bad day” that drove him insane. It’s a fantastic issue, and one that definitely deserves some attention, so head out to your local comic shop and give it some!

To honor the infamous supervillain and the famous graphic novel The Killing Joke, Kotobukiya and ArtFX present this gorgeous 1/6 scale, pre-painted, PVC statue collectible. The Joker stands with one foot over a Red Hood (not a coincidence). He holds his old school camera (removable) in hand, snapping a photo.

His wardrobe is insanely detailed, showing every crease, every cuff, button, everything! The sculpt is done fantastically, as it looks like the Joker has literally jumped right off a page of The Killing Joke.  He is smiling his iconic, toothy, eerie, unsettling smile. It looks absolutely frightening, but oh so intriguing—as the Joker’s character has always been, to be honest.

The paint job is done perfectly, too, with tons of purple as he is seen in the graphic novel, plus the slight green of the hair and greyish white of the skin. Of course, we see the Joker’s usual red lip, which makes him even creepier. Ladies and gentlemen, if you have a Batman collection without this statue in it, it is not yet complete. Check out this gem of a collectible as soon as you can!