Kingdom Hearts Sora Action Figure ComicWow! Review


Kingdom Hearts is a series of crossover action role playing games by Square Enix and Disney Interactive Studios. The crossover is of different Disney settings in a universe made specifically for the game. The series revolves around Sora, the main character, and his search for friends and his encounters with Final Fantasy, The World Ends with You, and Disney characters on their respective worlds. There are over seven games across multiple consoles, and the franchise has gotten so big that it has led to other games, soundtracks, figurines, books, manga series, and more.

This action figure from Play Arts is of protagonist Sora. There are a lot of things that I like about this sculpt, but my favorite has to be the inclusion of ball joints to make Sora movable from head to toe—literally. Sora’s head, neck, shoulders, arms, wrists, hands, thighs, knees, ankles, and feet are all movable so you can place the character in any pose you’d like.


Not only this, but the action figure comes with interchangeable parts, namely Sora’s hands. Because of these interchangeable hands, Sora is able to hold any of the various keyblades that come with the figure. These keyblades are meticulously sculpted to create beautiful and vibrant recreations of those in the games.

Both the sculpting and paint job are done in such a way to make Sora look realistic and ready for just about anything. When an action figure comes with movable and interchangeable parts, it becomes even more worth the cost. This action figure is a must-have for any Kingdom Hearts fans out there. You’ve never seen Sora like this!