Just in Time for Summer: Naruto & Ryuk Collectible Analog Watches ComicWow! Review


Naruto is a Japanese manga series in which an adolescent ninja, Naruto Uzumaki, dreams of leading his village. From Naruto: Shippuden comes this collectible analog watch!

This collectible watch is filled with detail and references everywhere. It features Naruto’s costume and color details, his headband stud, a kunai second hand, and leather bands. The stud features Naruto’s village symbol (the same that is on his headband), that of the Leaf Village. The leather bands feature the shuriken symbol of the Fuma Clan, as well as that of the Uzumaki Clan.

This is a great collectible made with high quality material, and is definitely a must-have for any Naruto fan. Retailers, the PREVIEWSworld item code for this watch is APR173165, so make sure to order yours soon!

Death Note is also a Japanese manga series. The story follows a high school student, Light Yagami, who finds a supernatural notebook from a Shinigami, Ryuk. The user gets the ability to kill anyone whose name they know. In the series, Light tries to act as God, using the notebook to cleanse the world of evil.

This collectible analog watch comes with Ryuk’s character and color details, a belt buckle stud, an apple core second hand, and leather watch bands. The apple core second hand really sticks out to me. Death Note is filled with symbolism, one of the most prominent being the apple. An apple can be a symbol for knowledge, wisdom, joy, and/or death. But to be fair, Tsugumi Ohba (writer) states that the apple is just to contrast the darkness of Ryuk’s appearance. The belt buckle stud aids with the overall dark tone associated with this watch and character—including this, there are about 10 skulls on the watch.

This watch is an amazing collectible that gives a nod to an important and stoic character from a popular series. The item code for this watch is APR173164. Both watches are great additions to any anime fan’s collection, and are well worth the buy.