Jughead #9 ComicWow! Review


Jughead has a crush?! That’s right; Jug has a love interest besides food. Well, his love interest does work in a burger suit… With Betty’s help, Jug is able to get more and more comfortable with this burger lady. Sure enough, she gets to like him. When she asks him on a date, Jug’s insecurities come to light. His friends are no help—except for Betty. He shows up to the date and we see that the burger lady is none other than Sabrina, the Teenage Witch!

Writer Ryan North has a different storytelling style than Chip Zdarsky had. North’s script is text-heavy at times, but I think he does that simply to emphasize that these teenagers have very active minds with a lot of conviction. He also does something a little different and quirky in this issue. At the bottom of nearly every page, North has written his own commentary, providing jokes and direct interaction with the reader(s).

Part of me really wants things to work out for Sabrina and Jug. Unfortunately, North has already told us that things aren’t going to play out in Jughead’s favor. Sabrina has always been one of my favorite characters from the Archie universe, so I’m excited to see her being incorporated into Jughead. I love it when these books cross over. I’m also looking forward to seeing how Sabrina’s powers are going to come into play. Hopefully we get to see some eerie stuff.

Artist Derek Charm illustrates this issue perfectly, with expressive characters, clean lines, and bold colors. A lot of the illustrations lack detail, but they tell the story well enough that we can understand it. The art style is really animated, rather cartoonish, and not too realistic, but that’s sort of the fun of Archie comics. They resemble real life, but they’re different enough that when we read them, we can escape into them for a bit.

At the end of this issue, as with all issues, there is an old Jughead comic published decades ago. It’s a really great reminder of the classic comic book series that shaped a generation. This story is a fantastical one, showing that Archie hasn’t just been about some American teens living life as it comes, but the creativity and imagination of dozens of writers who have worked with such a monumental series.

Jughead #9 is an issue that changes up the characterization of a character we’ve gotten so used to—just a bit, anyway. This is an awesome look at Jughead acting like an actual, normal teenager (like the rest of his friends). I never would have thought to put Sabrina with Jug—North has some really fresh ideas that he is bringing to the series. With a storyline like this, there is bound to be some fun! Keep reading to see what happens!

Written by: Ryan North

Illustrated by: Derek Charm


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