Jughead #15 ComicWow! Review


There’s a concert tonight that Archie and his friends are dying to go to. Josie and the Pussycats are coming to town, but Jughead lost his ticket to a seat at the venue. Seeing as how he and Sabrina, the Teenage Witch stayed friends after they dated for a bit, she decides to help him out. When a spell goes awry, Sabrina accidentally sets the sights of everyone in Riverdale on Jughead Jones—including the band!

Mark Waid and Ian Flynn make this story both entertaining and relatable. Food, accidentally thrown away items, a scheme, love, girl trouble, and more. We’ve been there. We’ve been the kids going through Hell for concert tickets. We’ve wanted to help our friends—but it doesn’t end up working. We’ve been in love. We’ve schemed behind someone’s back.

Waid and Flynn have taken writing duties from Ryan North, and they’ve done a fantastic job thus far. We still see Jughead as a careless, food-loving slacker. Quaint scenes like Jug, Archie, and Toni eating burgers at Pop’s keep the series roots in check. Archie has always been about—above all else—some teenagers just trying to get by. Quiet moments like this, where the kids are trying to eat enough to fill out a punch card for a free concert ticket, really help reinforce the simplicity of the Archie comics as a whole.

Derek Charm’s illustrations are hilarious and perfect for the script. Seeing as we have an unrealistic element in the issue (Sabrina’s magic), the animated, hyperbolic art style fits the tone well. Simple panels, like one with Moose carrying Dilton on his shoulders at the concert, add to the realism and believability of the story. The line work is clean, characters are expressive, and the entire issue is vibrant enough to never let our attention go.

This is a humorous issue that tells a great new story but still gives us the classic characters we know and love. Any fan of the Archie franchise is going to love this issue. New fans will get a taste of the classic characters while reading a novel story. Next issue should be really interesting. Will Jughead embrace all the love he’s getting, or will he try to escape it? Keep reading to find out!

Written by: Mark Waid & Ian Flynn

Illustrated by: Derek Charm