Jughead #13 ComicWow! Review


It’s time for the Reggies to shine! After winning a bet and becoming king for a month, Reggie instructs his disciples to start a band with him. When they record a song and Dilton’s genius editing skills turn it into a video all about Jughead and the Jugheads, things go downhill. The band is famous, but not for the right reason…

What started out as a joke has turned to mayhem in this issue of Jughead. And, of course, Jug is the one who is to blame (mostly). Now all his friends are pissed, so it’s going to be really interesting to see how the gang pushes past this bump in the road.

Ryan North’s writing is fluid and really entertaining. His characters show a lot of interaction. We all know these kids have been friends forever, but it shows in the way they talk to each other, react to each other, and consider one another. Their personal relationships show better in this script, seeing as their emotions and relationships are tense by the end of the issue. These are each really great and entertaining characters, but together as one cohesive cast, they liven up so much more.

Derek Charm’s artwork is just as animated as ever. There is a hint of a lack of versatility—for example, the same illustration of Dilton is in two panels on the first page alone—but it doesn’t show throughout the entire issue. The characters have really expressive faces nonetheless, and show a fair amount of emotion. The line work is really solid and simple, and the coloring is fantastic, taking realistic light sources into account for the shadowing and highlighting.

Overall, I’d say this issue is a success! Well, Jughead’s friends are all mad at him, but it’s a fun issue to read! I’m not sure what’s going to happen now that the gang is infamous, in a sense, but we’ll have to keep reading to find out! Head to your local comic shop and catch up on this series as well as countless others from Archie Comics. And don’t forget to tune into Riverdale on The CW to see some live action Archie!

Written by: Ryan North

Illustrated by: Derek Charm