Jean Grey #1 ComicWow! Review


Jean Grey, along with four other original X-Men, were ripped from the past and are now trying to get by in the present by using their mutant abilities for good. Right off the bat, we’re aware that this Jean Grey isn’t the Dark Phoenix Jean Grey. This Jean Grey is just a kid, a simple being just trying to survive and thrive. That is until the Wrecking Crew shows up. It’s up to Jean to stop them, but when she starts hearing the Dark Phoenix’s voice in her head, things get a little weird.

Dennis Hopeless makes this issue go by at a really quick pace with a lot of action. We get an even balance of dialogue and narration from Jean herself. When the dialogue starts rolling between her and the Wrecking Crew, though, things move really fast. There’s a lot of movement, all of which fits together perfectly and seamlessly.

We get a good amount of characterization in this issue when we see Jean say that she’s not “that” Jean Grey with a lot of conviction. While fighting the Wrecking Crew, she also pays more attention to civilians than the criminals. She doesn’t have a bad bone in her body, which is why she gets so freaked out when Dark Phoenix comes into the story. How the heck is the Phoenix coming? When? Why? Ah!

Victor Ibanez’s illustrations perfectly tell the story even without dialogue. There is a lot of detail in the artwork, especially the location (Japan). The lines aren’t the cleanest with detailed portions of the issue, but that’s a good thing—we’re reminded that Jean Grey constantly has something or the other going on in her head. Overall, though, the line work is solid and effective. There is a huge aspect of realism in this issue, taking light sources and accurate shadowing into account. Not only this, but the realistic colors help make the story all the more believable.

This is a great story to tie in with the rest of Marvel’s X-Men titles. I’m pretty excited about the Phoenix and seeing if she’s coming and/or how the time-displaced X-Men are going to handle the challenge of facing her. If you are, too, head out to your local comic shop and pick up Jean Grey #1 as soon as you can!

Written by: Dennis Hopeless

Illustrated by: Victor Ibanez