Invincible Iron Man #1 ComicWow! Review


We’ve been waiting for this moment for a long, long time. Invincible Iron Man #1 is here, and Riri Williams is taking over the bill. In this issue, we see how her superhero career starts, how she grew up (along with some significant events in her past), and what kind of heroine she is becoming.

Writer Brian Michael Bendis chooses to make this issue jump back and forth between time periods. Normally, this would be a terrible decision, for lack of a linear storyline (losing its continuity) and general confusion. However, Bendis is able to create a really cinematic feeling with the plot that it’s not in the least bit confusing.

We come to learn that Riri is a “super genius,” and has an inclination to revert into her own mind instead of make meaningful social interactions. However, she makes a childhood friend, Natalie. Unfortunately, Natalie and Riri’s stepfather are both involved in an accident. Riri focuses on her tech work and creates a superhero suit resembling Tony Stark’s. The only thing she’s missing is an A.I.—that is, until she receives a mysterious package…

So far, Riri is a smart, energetic, and kind person. Despite her new start as a superhero, she is as humble as can be. I’m really glad we get to see some of her past in this issue; it’s a great way to introduce us to the character and explain her motivation behind being a new hero, “Ironheart.” The package she gets at the end of the issue is an awesome one, though, and it is going to be an absolute pleasure and treat to watch her use it in her superhero endeavors.

Artist Stefano Caselli does a fantastic job of illustrating this issue. The characters’ faces are really expressive, and the line work is really precise. There isn’t all too much variation in panel layout, which kind of sucks, but the story is told in a fluid manner with them that allows the reader to easily keep up with the jumping between time periods. Marte Gracia’s realistic colors help make the big concepts in the issue seem more believable—like the monsters, Riri’s suit, etc.

I’m sure I’m not the only one who is absolutely pumped about the new Iron Man (Ironheart) being a female minority. Comic books are getting into equal representation, and that is beyond beneficial to not only the industry, but the community as well. Given recent incidents, there has been a lot of hate spread around concerning gender, race, sexual orientation, etc. It’s awesome to see that, at least, the comic book industry isn’t being fazed by such hate. I can’t wait to see what super genius Riri Williams has in store for us! Head out to your local comic book shop ( and pick up this issue—I promise it won’t disappoint you.

Written by: Brian Michael Bendis

Illustrated by: Stefano Caselli


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