Injustice 2 #3 ComicWow! Review


The red sun energy used to control Superman has been shut off, and he’s free from prison…almost. Batman and his crew head to the prison while the “other” Batman and his crew show up, too. Batman takes extreme measures to keep Superman in check, but the “other” Batman isn’t there for Superman at all, but Damian Wayne. We meet a surprise character at the end of this issue, too!

Tom Taylor writes this issue with a lot of twists and turns. Superman busted out of his cell, Green Arrow and Black Canary face Harley Quinn, and Talia Al Ghul comes in with a new sidekick to save Damian. Atom makes an appearance, as does Batgirl, and there’s a whole reunion!

There are some really great small moments in this issue, just like there were in issue #2. Batman has set up tons of contingencies for every possible situation at the prison. Seeing Atom work with him is quite a treat. Harley’s explosive and humorous personality shines through once again. A surprise character is the icing on the cake to close out the issue, and is the perfect way to get us hyped for issue #4.

Sampere’s illustrations are strong and effective. Both the action and the humor come across really well, and change up the pacing of the issue from page to page, which I actually really enjoy. Each character is instantly distinguishable from the rest of the cast, and they look flawless. The first page alone looks so dramatic, so intense, and it sets the perfect tone for the rest of the issue. The versatile color palette also comes in handy when deciphering characters. Yeah, the line work is awesome, but the colors bring the characters to life. This entire issue is visual perfection.

I’m really stoked that Batman stopped Superman, but I’m also extremely curious as to what Damian is up to with Talia and that whole crew. This is the perfect setup for the next issue, and I can’t wait for more! If you like stories with twists, epic characters, a lot of action, and fantastic artwork, this issue is definitely for you.

Written by: Tom Taylor

Illustrated by: Daniel Sampere