Infamous Iron Man #7 ComicWow! Review


Victor Von Doom has always been known as the infamous Doctor Doom. Recently, though, he has dedicated his life to good, heroic pursuits—as the Infamous Iron Man. After discovering his mother was alive and wanted a relationship with him, there is still the dark version of Reed Richards in the back of his mind. Meanwhile, S.H.I.E.L.D. is after Victor, believing his motives for taking out villains are anything but pure.

In this issue, Victor takes out a group of villains hell bent on destroying him. But he doesn’t kill them—only injures them. Meanwhile, one of them had run away and tells the truth about what happened. Elsewhere, Ben Grimm—who is leading the chase for Victor—has a nice chat with the man himself about his new heroic life.  And a special guest makes a truly surprising appearance at the end of the issue.

This issue starts with a scene we’ve seen before—the Hood trying to gather a bunch of b-list villains to go after Victor. There are some nice character interactions in this part of the issue, but nothing all too crucial to the main plot line.

My favorite part of the issue has to be when Ben and Victor have a private conversation. They seem to have a relationship, but a weirdly complicated one. Ben being the last person you’d think would give Victor the time of day, it’s surprising that they talk so calmly, but it’s a really interesting conversation nonetheless. As we get to see more of what Victor is trying to do, Bendis’ writing shines like never before. Reading Victor talk about his new outlook on life is almost poetic.

Alex Maleev’s artwork perfectly fits the tone of the issue. We see a lot of shadows and blurs here and there, which both contribute to the suspenseful storyline. The pencils are angular at times, realistic at others, but overall amazing and effective at showing different individuals’ emotion when regarding Doom’s change of character.

Matt Hollingsworth’s colors definitely fit well with Maleev’s pencils. The two are able to set a dramatic tone for the story without any dialogue at all. This issue is a dark one, with dulled down colors and heavy shading—both of which lend themselves very well to Bendis’ scriptwriting.

Considering the cliffhanger at the end, this series is about to get very interesting. Make sure to keep reading and, if you haven’t read this issue yet, you can get it at your local comic shop now!

Written by: Brian Michael Bendis

Illustrated by: Alex Maleev