Hitman: Agent 47 Statue ComicWow! Review


Hitman is a video game series currently published by Square Enix (absolutely amazing Japanese video game developer and publisher, known for role-playing games like Final Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts, Dragon Quest, etc.). These games have been coming out since 2000. The story revolves around Agent 47, a cloned assassin who works for hire. The game was adapted into a feature film in 2007.

Io-Interactive and Square Enix present a statue of Agent 47 himself.  The statue comes with a base and pegs on which to place 47 (with the holes in his shoes). The base is circular, with a black and white logo on the top.


Agent 47 wears a formal suit and tie. His dress pants are realistically sculpted, with wrinkles and folds by his ankles and a crease down the legs. His collared shirt and tie both wrinkle to the side he is turning, taking his stance into account. He has a jacket on, which is sculpted in such a way that is looks like he is walking with a slight breeze blowing his jacket (and tie) backwards.

He wears black gloves that hold two very realistic guns. His shoes are black, shiny, and look better than most dress shoes I’ve seen. His belt, the buckle therein, and the loops around his waist are perfectly done to make this statue as close to the real Agent 47 as possible.


The only quam I have with this statue is the face. He looks determined, with furrowed eyebrows. His facial features all look very much like the character in the games and even the film. The frown and laugh lines are even detailed in the face. However, his eyes seem just a bit crossed.

The paint job on this statue is incredible. There are subtle highlights and obvious shadowing in the shirt and tie to simulate the effect that the clothes would create if actually worn. This is some amazing painting that I am seriously getting fixated on right now.


Any fan of Hitman and/or Agent 47 is going to love this collectible statue. It shows him in his natural setting, being the flawless assassin that he is. For collectors and gamers, enthusiasts and fans, this statue is a must-have.