Harrow County #23 ComicWow! Review


This issue opens on Lady Lovey’s funeral. Everyone is glad she’s gone, and they’ve come to make sure she is gone for good. When cottonmouth snakes attack the funeral goers, Emmy sends them away, but Bernice has to get rid of them for good. In a heated argument, it is revealed that Bernice thinks Emmy killed Lovey, but Emmy has a suspicion that Kammi killed her. Bernice finds a new mentor who is determined to teach her how to “deal with” Emmy once and for all.

Tyler Crook’s illustrations in this issue are as good as ever. He really has a knack for creating haunting characters with watercolors that look absolutely stunning. The line work is neat and detailed enough to show frown lines and cheek bones, and the way the color is done adds an ethereal look to the illustrations.

Cullen Bunn’s script tells us a lot more than just what threatens Harrow County. When we first met Bernice, she was the nicest character and we could tell that she and Emmy were genuine friends. Both have had some serious character development and, as sad as it is, they’re drifting apart.

The characterization of these two is impressive and intricate. Emmy has embraced the haint life and Bernice is essentially turning against her. Now that her new mentor wants to get rid of Emmy, too, what’s stopping her from taking the haint down? I’m really hoping these two are able to work things out, but from the looks of it, they’re starting a war all by themselves.

I’m curious as to what Emmy is going to do now that she suspects Kammi killed Lady Lovey. Will she get revenge? Will she try to prove that Kammi is the evil one? Will she try to make up with Bernice? How will she escape Bernice if she does in fact try to destroy her? Who knows?!

This series has been one of my favorites since issue #1, and it just gets better and better with each installment. Bunn has a way of turning horror into something we don’t usually see in the mainstream. This is more psychological, more in depth, more enthralling… The story is getting really dramatic now, and I can’t wait to see what happens next! Will Bernice turn against her best friend? Keep reading to find out!

Written by: Cullen Bunn

Illustrated by: Tyler Crook