Harrow County #22 ComicWow! Review


As Bernice is learning more and more from Old Lady Lovey, she is starting to turn her back on Emmy a little bit. At the very least, there is an immense amount of tension within their friendship. Bernice is on the fast track to becoming the new version of Lady Lovey, keeping Harrow County safe from haints, but she never thought that track was this fast!

Cullen Bunn’s writing gets more and more eerie with each issue of this series. This isn’t your typical slasher, Satanic, or monster horror story. This is more psychological, it has more depth, requires more thought. For that alone, this is one of the greatest horror series I’ve ever read; any story that can make me think about more than what is on the page is a damn good series in my book.

Bernice seems almost brainwashed by Lady Lovey. It’s actually really sad to watch. She and Emmy used to be so close, but Lovey has convinced Bernice that Emmy is all evil. It’s also really, really upsetting to see Bernice’s future laid before her without her really having all too much of a say in it. She will be the new Lady Lovey. Yeah, she was into the task at first, but she has a whole lot of evil coming her way a lot quicker than she expected. Will she even be able to live up to the task?

Tyler Crook’s artwork is, as always, beautiful. His colors blend perfectly together, creating a lot of depth and texture to the characters and environment. The line work in this issue is also really good, conveying emotion, age, and anatomy perfectly. The watercolor style of the artwork creates a sort of ethereal tone that holds a haunting impression to be left behind.

This isn’t a series for any old horror fan. But for those who want a little something extra to think about, a bit more than just a kill on a page, this is the way to go. I am more and more impressed with this series with every issue, and the creative team could not be doing a better job of orchestrating such a fine story.

Written by: Cullen Bunn

Illustrated by: Tyler Crook