Harrow County #16 ComicWow! Review


At the end of last issue, Emmy was told that her home, Harrow County, must be destroyed. Emmy isn’t willing to do it on her own, so her “family” goes out to do it for her. One of her family members, Levi, is in the process of doing so when he comes across a huge, dark, horrifying creature who tells him to leave the woods.

Elsewhere, at the Meeting Lodge, Emmy is growing more and more frustrated over the situation… So much that she is able to channel her powers more than ever. Like no one has done before her (maybe except one: Amaryllis), Emmy bans the lodge and her family from Harrow County. Slowly but surely, her family disappears. Emmy is left with her haint friend to go home and move on with their lives. But what was it that was lurking in the woods, and what does it have to do with Emmy?

Writer Cullen Bunn has shown us something amazing. We knew Emmy was powerful, but holy crap we didn’t know she was this powerful! Emmy acts in such a way that we haven’t really seen before, so it’s jarring when she gets so angry and begins to make things disappear. Where did they go? Are they gone for good? Does Emmy not get a mentor now? Without a mentor, will she end up like Hester? I have so many questions, but for some reason, I’m okay that Bunn has left us waiting. This issue ended in a way that made me love Emmy and be scared of her at the same time. That’s some great character development right there!

Artist Tyler Crook puts more action into this issue than any that I’ve read thus far. There are so many supernatural forces, all of which help move the story along at a pretty fast pace. Despite the abstract art style that he uses, Crook is able to clearly define his characters’ facial features and emotional expressions. We can see so much concentration in Emmy’s eyes as she gets rid of her family.

This is one of the best horror series I’ve ever read. It goes beyond the typical horror stereotypes, and brings a deeper, more sophisticated kind of terror to the audience. This is definitely a series for all horror fans.

Written by: Cullen Bunn

Illustrated by: Tyler Crook


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