Good Smile Company’s Bebop Figure ComicWow! Review


From Good Smile Company comes Shredder’s hench-mutant, Bebop! Bebop is a villain in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (TMNT). He was once a human, but is now a mutant warthog with a mission. This dude is one serious badass, and this product does his image justice beyond belief!

This is the second figure in a series of TMNT villain figures based on artwork from James Jean. Jean is a visual artist known for his work with comics, Prada, ESPN, Atlantic Records, and much more. His gorgeous illustrations helped sculptor Keiji Iwakura create a collectible that any TMNT fan has to have.

Iwakura’s sculpt is so incredibly detailed that even the anthropomorphic fantasy comes off as more realistic than you’d think. We can see minute details like the wrinkles in Bebop’s skin, the wave of his facial hair, major muscle groups, the human-like stance he’s in, and so much more. Iwakura has truly done an amazing job with the intricacy of the piece.

Everything about the sculpt signifies Bebop’s personality and overall villainous readiness to fight. He is holding a gun in one hand and a knife in the other. He has bullets strewn across his chest, chains covering most of him, and grenades strapped to his vest which, to be honest, is reminiscent of the ‘90s when the bulk of the TMNT films were released. Not only his vest looks like it came from the ‘90s; he has removable bright glasses, a pink Mohawk, multiple piercings in one ear, cutoffs, and what look like chucks. I am both impressed and satisfied with the throwback this collectible is putting me in. Jean definitely had an old school vision in mind, and Iwakura delivered.


The paint job is done partially by hand, which adds a certain authenticity to the figure. The colors are done in such a way that we can see the realism in the sculpt. For example, folds in Bebop’s cutoffs are painted lighter than the rest of the denim so we can see a realistic flow of clothing. The colors are bright and really pop. Aesthetically, this is a figure that will definitely catch your eye.

The figure comes in a protective shell casing that is sure to keep your collectible safe and secure during transit. This non-scale figure is one that any true TMNT fan needs to get their hands on. Trust me, you won’t be disappointed.