Giant Days #31 ComicWow! Review


After an altercation with Daisy and her girlfriend (for running up their bills), Susan and Esther are at their wit’s end trying to make amends with their BFF. McGraw and Ed get involved (but have issues of their own to deal with), and eventually things lighten up a bit. However, Ingrid (Daisy’s boo) makes it very clear by the end of the issue that Daisy will soon have to choose between her girlfriend and her best friends.

It’s an issue most of us have faced: our friends don’t like our partner(s). How do we keep both? How do we make peace? How do we all live in harmony? Is that even possible? Who the heck knows? Not Daisy, that’s for sure. So, it’s going to be really interesting to see if she is even capable of making such a tough decision.

That being said, it’s no surprise that Giant Days is as appealing as it is; it’s super relatable. The characters talk almost like I wish I did. That sounds weird, but let me explain… You know when you’re having a conversation and you say something, but two hours later you think of something better or wittier that you could have said? That’s the way the dialogue is in this issue (series, rather). It’s the better and wittier conversations that we wish we could have in the moment instead of two hours later. Allison is great at capturing the personalities of these kids, and it makes the issue flow really well.

Max Sarin’s pencils are just as entertaining as the script is. There are both aspects of realism and exaggeration in the artwork. We can relate to the way these kids are acting, but their actions are often times hyperbolized enough that it becomes cartoonish in the best way possible. The colors are pretty realistic and help to make things even more relatable.

From plot to characterization, this issue is one that is sure to entertain any reader—especially those around the characters’ ages. The creative team has done a fine job creating a wonderful issue that is one you just can’t miss out on. Friendship, love, hate, and everything in between awaits! So, head over to your local comic shop and give this gem a read.

Written by: John Allison

Illustrated by: Max Sarin