Giant Days #27 ComicWow! Review


In an attempt to stay “woke,” Esther decides to take part in a protest with a bunch of politically aware young adults. Back at home, Ingrid is nearly destroying the girls’ apartment. Elsewhere, Susan and McGraw are spending time together on the down low.

This issue focuses mostly on Esther. Daisy breaks the fourth wall and asks Esther to have a flashback, which she does. We get to see how bright a youngster Esther was, and how she turned to the dark side for comfort. We also learn how she became so incredibly uneducated on politics and sociocultural issues.

Allison’s writing is, as always, smooth and fluid. The dialogue is fast paced, making the issue go by pretty quickly. The characters are all witty and have extremely clever responses to each other. Their interaction is natural and believable, adding to the realism of the story. It baffles me how perfect Allison is at grasping the concerns and interests of people in this age group.

There is a ton of humor thrown around in this issue, like Esther’s flaky relationship with Satan, her preoccupation with what company her food comes from, her reaction after finding out how ill-informed she is, the fact that the says “I thought I was cool and woke.” It’s endless! Giant Days always has an appropriate amount of humor that is both entertaining and relatable.

Sarin’s illustrations are cartoonish and animated, allowing for a lot of room to make the characters as emotive as possible. There are tons of unique character designs that range from Goth to hipster to nerd and everything in between. Like always, there are certain aspects of the artwork that are hyperbolized, like Esther’s tears as she expresses her frustration while cutting onions. The bright colors help make this issue a vibrant one, as does the light shadowing.

Giant Days became one of my favorite series with issue #1, and continues to stay high up on the list. The creative team always does a fantastic job orchestrating an appropriately dramatic story of everyday life. If you haven’t already, head to your local comic shop and check out this gem of a series.

Written by: John Allison

Illustrated by: Max Sarin