Giant Days #21 ComicWow! Review


Our ragtag trio of college students and best friends is back! The girls have recently moved into their own place. Unfortunately, they come home to the scene of a crime. They have been burglarized! Their laptops and TV are gone, along with the only trinkets and memory that Daisy has of her parents. Together, the three try to find Daisy’s stolen jewels. They go from bar to bar, black market to black market, but have no success. But finally, things take a turn.

It’s really cool to see these girls grow up. They started out as college kids in a dorm and have gotten their own place. John Allison has made this entire series so relatable, from schoolwork stress to new home searches to significant other troubles and everything in between. It’s almost as if we readers can put ourselves in the story and relive that part of our lives through these characters. I’ve never read a story more realistic.

There is a lot of good characterization in this issue. Susan takes the lead, though. When it’s time to get back Daisy’s stuff, Susan guides the other two into the dangerous bars where stolen items are sold. Esther and Daisy are busy being cowardly in a corner. We have a lot to learn about Susan, but she’s the group’s resident badass so far. She can show a decent amount of emotion (like when she and McGraw broke up), but she keeps a straight face and a fearless attitude most of the time.

Esther and Daisy sort of take the back seat in this issue, but we see Esther’s loving side and Daisy’s selflessness nonetheless. Allison shifts the character focus from issue-to-issue, which is actually really helpful in determining their personality traits. However, he is still able to maintain the fact that this series has three protagonists.

Sarin’s illustrations are as lively as ever. The animated art style gives way for some seriously emotive characters. Whitney Cogar’s bright colors help relay the lighthearted aspect of the issue, even though the core of the storyline here is pretty serious. Each character reacts to others really well and almost overdramatically, so as to emphasize the impact of the burglary.

I doubt this will happen (at least any time soon), but I really want to get to know more about the girls’ neighbor. He’s a bitter old man who doesn’t like…well, anybody, but it seems like Daisy really wants to see what his story is. I’m hoping his character gets fleshed out a little more, or we at least learn why he’s so standoffish.

Giant Days in itself is a really enjoyable series, what with the relatability and likeable characters. This issue stands out a bit because of the circumstances that the girls are forced to handle. It is definitely worth the read, so head out to your local comic book shop, do yourself a favor, and pick it up!

Written by: John Allison

Illustrated by: Max Sarin


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