Giant Days #19 ComicWow! Review


It’s summertime! The girls (Susan, Esther, and Daisy) make their way from summer jobs to a music festival, because well, nothing says SUMMER like a music festival. Esther is excited to meet boys, Susan is excited to relax, and Daisy is scared as crap because it’s her first time at a festival. So, they all sort of end up doing their own thing. Esther goes after the lead singer in a crappy band, Susan is drugged and goes on a crazy trip, and Daisy, surprisingly, is the heroine of the day.

Writer John Allison makes this issue a bit more dramatic than most. The character interaction and dialogue therein don’t seem quite as natural, but they are super witty. This leads to a ton of humor that carries the story forward in an urgent but lighthearted tone.

The language and accents therein reflect the England setting, which I can really appreciate. This not only emphasizes the time and place setting, but gives the issue a realistic aspect from which to read. Each character’s personality shows through their speech. Esther talks a lot and is really over-the-top for most of the issue. Susan is really laid back up until she is drugged—then things get weird. Daisy is her normal scared self, unwilling to do pretty much anything until she feels the overwhelming need to.

Something I don’t like is how many stereotypes are in this issue. I understand there are some thoughts that come to mind when you think of a music festival, but they’re not all true. The thought that everyone is dirty, on drugs, and not loyal is a bit…wrong. Nonetheless, these elements sure made for a really entertaining story. I just wish the plot of this issue wasn’t based on stereotypes.

Max Sarin’s illustrations fit the script perfectly. They are lively, cartoonish, have thick line work, and tell the story with ease. Such an animated art style pairs really well with Allison’s words—especially when it comes to Daisy’s emotional rollercoaster about the festival. Because the art style is so unrealistic, it looks perfectly normal when characters’ facial expressions are hyperbolically emphasized. There is a heck of a lot of emotion in this issue.

For any Giant Days fan, you’re going to love this issue. You don’t really have to be keeping up with the series so far to understand it, but it helps. What I’m more looking forward to is the start of the girls’ second year at college. Keep reading to see what mayhem waits at school!

Written by: John Allison

Illustrated by: Max Sarin


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