Generation Zero #1 ComicWow! Review


Generation Zero is comprised of psiots. Once captured, they were trained to become the youngest strike forces on the planet. However, they broke free. Now, they help anyone whose cause is just. Their goal is simply to make the world a better place. But it won’t be that easy.

When Keisha Sherman’s boyfriend (Stephen) dies from supposed “drunk driving,” she is convinced he was murdered, and while he was alive, Stephen was working on solving a mystery of his own. Now, with Generation Zero’s help, maybe they can figure out just what the heck is going on in the town of Rook, Michigan.

Writer Fred Van Lente makes this issue a very easy one to follow. These are pretty much all teenagers and, like most stories about teens, it is straightforward and rather blunt—which I appreciate on a level you can’t even imagine.

A lot of the characters are also really relatable. Keisha’s school has the typical “cliques.” She’s part of the stoner/punk/goth/burnout group. Once Stephen dies, people from other, “popular” cliques start noticing her—out of pity. It’s really an awful concept, but so realistic that I can’t even blame Van Lente for adding it in.

There are also some really, really weird characters that, I’m assuming, are part of what Stephen was uncovering before he died. These things look like humans from the neck down (for the most part; save for four fingers on each hand). Their heads, though, are simply white heads—no hair, no eyes, no noses, no ears, and no mouths— which bear the question: how are they talking? They do talk (in strange bundles of words that make no sense to us), but I couldn’t tell you how. This is a small inconsistency that will hopefully be addressed in subsequent issues, but for now it’s just plain old weird.

Artist Francis Portela illustrates this issue with insanely clean lines. The design for the “men” at the end of the issue is probably my favorite part. They’re dressed very properly, but they’re holding guns that I’ve never seen before. To be able to create anything unique these days is a triumph in and of itself. This artwork paired with Andrew Dalhouse’s colors make for one seriously creepy issue (towards the end, anyway).

I’m most looking forward to meeting all of Generation Zero. I want to learn what they’re like, how they operate, what made them quit the killing game, and how they’re going to help Keisha solve this mystery. It’s only issue #1 and I’m already hooked.

Written by: Fred Van Lente

Illustrated by: Francis Portela


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