Generation X #2 ComicWow! Review


Last issue, some armed anti-mutant purifiers stopped by the newly-opened Xavier Institute for Mutant Education. After witnessing some mutant on mutant violence, prospective student Nathaniel Carver decided to bail. But after seeing the mutants take on the purifiers together in this issue, he changed his mind and has decided to stay in order to learn how to control his powers. The students are on edge, especially because of the return of Kid Omega (Quentin Quire), but all are willing to learn everything that Jubilee and Kitty Pryde can teach.

The cast of characters in this series is amazing. We get to see some really awesome new mutants, like Bling!, Nature Girl, Morph, Hindsight, Shark Girl, and Eye-Boy. Jubilee even points out the versatility of their respective powers. Whether or not these kids want to be X-Men, it’ll be interesting to see how they use their mutant abilities.

Strain’s dialogue is very believable, especially for a bunch of kids. The character interaction is natural and makes perfect sense for the characters’ ages and current situation. Each has a strong personality, Quentin probably the strongest. I’m not too sure as to whom the real protagonist will be in this series—Quentin or Nathaniel—but both get a decent amount of attention in this issue. Quentin is a troublemaker more than anything, so his mere presence in this series should bring a good amount of conflict.

Pinna’s illustrations are fitting for the script. Each character has a unique look to them. Our two protagonists look similar, but we can still see subtle differences therein. There are a few inconsistencies that make certain panels look a bit awkward, but overall, the artwork is on point. The coloring is bright and bold, and we can see a lot of movement when Pinna throws in action sequences.

This is a series that brings a lot of new faces to an old team of heroes that we know and love. Xavier’s legacy lives on in this new generation of mutants. So far, they’re not acting like a cohesive unit at all, but I’m really hoping these kids can get on board with the concept of being a new X-Men team. We’ll just have to keep reading to see what happens!

Written by: Christina Strain

Illustrated by: Amilcar Pinna