Generation X #1 ComicWow! Review


Charles Xavier founded the Xavier School for Gifted Youngsters with the purpose of mentoring mutants to better a world filled with hate and fear. Now, former student Kitty Pryde has taken over as headmistress so that Xavier’s dream may live on.

In this issue, we see a new slew of students coming to the school. Jubilee is trying to be a mentor (but has A LOT going on in her personal life, too), and Kitty Pryde is finding it hard to keep the students in check. After a fight breaks out among students over a pair of shoes, Kitty Pryde does her best to take charge. But things take a turn for the worse when Purifiers come onto campus, hoping to “purge the Earth of the mutant plague.”

It’s an age old concept, the tension between humans and mutants. This is what we see in the vast majority of X-Men books, and it certainly makes for a good story. This series stands out from the rest, though, because of a new cast. This new generation of mutants (Bling, Kid Omega, Nature Girl, Morph, Hindsight, and Eye-Boy, thus far) is going to have to learn and train a lot to take on the X-Men mantle and defeat what is trying to defeat them.

The kids right now have a rather awful dynamic. They’re pretty selfish, conceited, and don’t work together as a team whatsoever. I have a feeling that Jubilee is going to have a big part in making them get along, but not without Kitty Pryde’s discipline in place, too. It’ll be interesting to see how these two work together to shape the futures of the new mutants at the school.

Christina Strain’s writing is fluid and shows a lot of depth in terms of characterization. Right now, we see a lot of Jubilee’s situation, as she provides narration early in the issue. It looks like she is the protagonist of the series, but Hindsight seems to get a lot of attention in the script, too. Only time will tell. The issue has an incredibly steady and comfortable pacing, but as the action picks up near the end of the issue, you’re going to be flipping pages pretty quickly to see what happens.

Amilcar Pinna’s artwork fits the script well, keeping things realistic with a slight dramatic flair. Nothing too threatening has happened yet except for at the end of the issue, so we don’t see too much action just yet (in terms of the X-Men). However, we do see a lot of damage done by the students. Their character designs are also really intriguing. Eye-Boy has eyeballs on his cheeks, hands, and forehead. Nature Girl has antlers. We see other mutants not focused on as much with designs that range from rocks to scales and everything in between. I’m pretty pumped to see how Pinna will show movement when the tensions increase between humans and mutants. Right now, things look pretty stiff, but the artwork definitely makes for a great read.

This is a great way to introduce new fans to the X-Men. A new generation of mutants is arising, and they’ll have a new generation’s worth of issues to face together. I’m most interested in how character development will come into play—especially with Hindsight—and how these kids will learn how to act as one cohesive group. I really hope Jubilee teaches them how to be X-Men, but we get some hesitance from Kitty Pryde on that front. We’ll just have to keep reading to see what happens with this group of mutants, so make sure to grab a copy of this issue at your local comic shop!

Written by: Christina Strain

Illustrated by: Amilcar Pinna