Funko/Marvel Rock Candy Vinyl Collectibles ComicWow! Review


Funko and Marvel have joined forces to bring you the Rock Candy line! Marvel’s finest heroines are now in five-inch vinyl form. She-Hulk, Captain Marvel, Thor, and Spider-Gwen are all part of the line and complete the collection. These are some of the most powerful women in the Marvel Universe, and they certainly do look like it.

Each figure is placed in a windowed box, securely sitting in plastic reminiscent of clamshell packaging. Each box has a different color and is decorated with photos of the entire collection for your convenience. They also come with bases, equipped with pegs to keep the heroines steadily standing wherever you choose to display them. And of course, they are all complete with spring-based bobble heads.

These women all share the same general look in terms of eye, nose, and lip shape. Other than that, they each have distinctive features.


She-Hulk looks particularly cartoonish, in large part due to her green skin tone. Nonetheless, she looks just as powerful as the rest. Her muscles are especially impressive, with each anatomically correct sculpt looking just as strong as the next.


Captain Marvel stands with her fist in her hand, ready to take on whatever may come her way. Complete with a striking red, blue, and gold wardrobe, she looks focused and strong—especially with her power stance.


Thor is, admittedly, my favorite of the bunch. She comes decked out in armor, a helmet, and a cape while wielding the classic Thor hammer. Her other hand is balled into a fist as she stands looking like she’s about to defeat an enemy.


Lastly, Spider-Gwen has a sort of flirty pose, with one leg bent at the knee and her hip thrusted outward. She stands holding her hoodie around her head. This figure has a more fun, somewhat younger vibe to it.

To watch ComicWow! President Josh Geppi unbox and examine each of them, click here. All of these figures are at a modest price of about $10 each, and can be found at your local comic book shop. Head on out and collect them all!