Funko: Red Sonja & Conan the Barbarian Pops ComicWow! Review


Bloody Red Sonja, Bloody Conan, and Masked Conan are all Previews Exclusive Pop Vinyls from Funko.

Red Sonja, the She-Devil with a Sword, first appeared in Conan the Barbarian #23 (1973), so it’s appropriate that they would be released together. Her Funko Pop is beautifully constructed. She is wearing what she wore in the first issue of Marvel Feature—Red Sonja: She-Devil with a Sword. Her classic gloves, boots, sword in hand and another weapon on her back, armored bikini-like clothing, and flaming red hair are all present. She is also splattered with blood. If you’ve read Red Sonja comic books, you know that they can get pretty violent. The blood, therefore, is no surprise—it even gives her quite a bit of character.


Conan the Barbarian also comes in a blood-splattered form, wielding the iconic Atlantean Sword, dripping with the blood of his enemies. Conan is wearing his usual wardrobe, from wristbands to boots. What’s really cool about this Funko Pop is that is has tons of detail, like the anatomical structure of Conan’s body, including pectorals and biceps.


Lastly, Conan the Barbarian is back but instead of being covered with blood, he is covered with the tattooed mask that we see in the film as he goes into Thulsa Doom’s Tower of the Serpent. Again holding the Atlantean Sword, Conan is ready to fight the Serpent Men and their God set. War painted and stoic, this Funko Pop is one for any and every Conan the Barbarian fan.


For more information on these items, watch Big Rick unbox all three here.

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