Funko Previews Exclusive Emma Frost POP! Vinyl Bobble-Head ComicWow! Review


Fall is here and that pretty much means Halloween is, too (let’s be honest, we’re all in the spooky feels). So, Funko is releasing a PREVIEWS Exclusive Halloween Comic Fest edition of Emma Frost.

Emma Frost, or, the White Queen, is a character from X-Men. She started out as a villain, but has since transformed into quite the superhero and member of the X-Men. A central character leading up to Inhumans vs X-Men, Emma Frost is a mutant you need to know about—and won’t soon forget.

This vinyl bobble-head Pop! figure shows Emma in her diamond form and X-Men uniform. Exclusive to retailers ordering from PREVIEWSworld, this POP! vinyl is similar to the Emma Frost exclusive that was released a while back (along with Iceman). Emma sold out pretty darn fast, and I can only assume this will, too.

A lot like that Heisenberg POP vinyl from a few years ago, Funko has given Emma a pale blue color that resembles her diamond/crystal form. It’s quite a striking look, especially for a POP! vinyl. Her X-Men uniform is white with a red X-Men logo on the chest, gloves, and a cape hanging behind her. The paint job is done perfectly, with subtle blue lashes and eyebrows that make Emma look all the more epic in her diamond form.

This is a figure you don’t want to miss out on. It will be released next month, so get ready to add this beauty to your collection! You can also get the rest of the gang, including Cable, Archangel, Quicksilver, Psylocke, Sabretooth, and Storm.