Funko Pop! Stranger Things: Dustin ComicWow! Review


Stranger Things has been taking over Netflix, with its debut last year and season two coming out this year. In light of the hype, Funko has put out a Stranger Things line of Pop! figures. The entire line contains nine figures, but we’re going to go over five of them today.

The first vinyl I’m going to talk about is a figure of one of my favorite characters, Dustin. This kid is so cute in the show. He is missing his front teeth, he talks so innocently, he has brown curly hair, and he surprisingly shows his worth when he proves he knows how to read a compass.

As such, he is sculpted here with his signature snapback hat, brown curly hair underneath, blue backpack from Hawkins Middle School, sneakers, corduroy pants, denim jacket, green t-shirt, and compass in hand.

There is some serious detail going on in this figure. At the back of Dustin’s hat, you can both see and feel the textural difference than the smooth front of his hat. The same goes for his corduroy pants. If you’ve worn cords back in the day, you know that they have a sort of raised pinstripe feel to them. We can clearly see and feel the raised portions of the sculpt, and it pays off. The details, down to the buttons of his jacket, make Dustin’s figure something fans of the series can’t miss out on.

But what would Dustin be without his friends? Next up we have Lucas. This kid is more of the level-headed one of the group, talking the most realistically of the four (Lucas, Dustin, Mike, and Will). Much like Dustin’s figure, Lucas has a lot of texture, too. His hair, jacket, and pants are all really well-sculpted and incredibly detailed. He is pictured with binoculars and a camo headband, ready to take on whatever may come.

Now let’s talk about Will, the kid that started the mystery, the child who took on the Demogorgon, the boy who frightened an entire town. This vinyl figure is obviously before he went to the Upside Down, a dimension parallel to ours, but crap tons scarier, if you can imagine. It is dark, cold, foggy, and filled with creatures that do more harm than you know.

Will’s vinyl figure isn’t as texturally prominent as the rest. We can pretty much only feel the textures of his thermal. Otherwise, Will looks just as small and vulnerable as in the Netflix show. You have to admit, Will looked the youngest of the four. He has his ‘70s bowl haircut and vest, making him look appropriate to the show’s decade. What I love about the detail in this figure is that is looks realistic. We can see where his backpack is being stretched by the weight of his school books. This is quality work!

The next figure we’re going to take a look at is Barb. She’s a high school kid, best friends (or so she thought) with Mike’s older sister. Barb is a very “Plain Jane” type of character. She never really takes risks (or if she does, it takes a while for her to decide to do so and it doesn’t go well). She has red hair, freckles, glasses, an average body type, very boring and bland clothes with neutral colors, and is seen here holding a book close to her chest.

There is some nice detail in this sculpt, like the blush on Barb’s cheeks or the ruffles on her shirt. Overall, this is a great figure and it represents a much acquitted character that happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. Nonetheless, it certainly brought Barb to our attention. This figure does so even more. She is definitely a character to keep an eye on, and this figure is one to display with pride. She is the only figure so far that comes with a base, so she will be ready to decorate whatever room you decide to grace with her presence!

Last, but most certainly not least, we have the Demogorgon. This is, aside from the fictitious creature in the boys’ game of D&D, the beast from the Upside Down that takes and tortures both Will and Barb. These things look epic and dangerous, with tons of teeth, alien-like skin,  and bodies that just don’t seem like they belong anywhere near humans.

The sculpting is on point with this figure, but the painting looks like it is a little off. Some of the teeth are painted on but don’t appear where the protruded teeth are placed. Nonetheless, this figure (complete with a base) will put the fear in your visitors, and add the inherent tension to your collection of Stranger Things Pop! vinyls.

This is an amazing collection of figures that is definitely a must-have collection for fans of sci-fi, Stranger Things, and the overall eerie. Make sure to check out Funko for even more awesome vinyls.