Funko Pop! Pets ComicWow! Review


Calling all dog lovers! Funko proudly presents its Pop! Pets line of dogs (and cats, but we’re focusing on dogs here). The line of super-stylized vinyl figures includes five dogs: a Dachshund, two French Bulldogs, two Labrador Retrievers, and more! They’re all adorable, all fun, and all must-haves for any puppy person.

The Dachshund is not quite to scale, but very representative of the breed. With a long muzzle, short legs, thin tail, and extended torso, this is a typical Dachshund. It’s even in the most usual color, a nice blend of light and dark brown. The sculpting is done really well to convey a simple-yet-accurate depiction of the breed. The only thing a little “off” about this vinyl is that there is no sculptural distinction of the mouth or cheeks within the muzzle. It’s a bit awkward, but we can tell it’s a Dachshund nonetheless.

The first French Bulldog is black and white all over, but the second is black with white just on its chest. Both have incredible sculpts that show not only the breed type, but distinctions between mouth, cheeks, and face. These dogs don’t have big muzzles, so the nose is quite close to the face. They have small bodies, tiny tails, and wrinkly skin, all of which is shown perfectly in these vinyls.

The Labrador Retrievers are absolutely gorgeous. Compared to their living counterparts, these vinyls bear a resemblance that cannot be overlooked. From tail to muzzle, these detailed sculpts portray the dogs perfectly. The fur on their chest might be a little too much, seeing as labs don’t have that shaggy looking fur, but it does the breed justice. Funko has provided us with a black lab and a chocolate lab (brown), both of which look just as amazing as the dogs themselves.

Along with these, Funko offers a Siberian Husky, German Shepherd, black and brown Dachshund, yellow French Bulldog, yellow Lab, a Beagle, and more! This is an amazing line of vinyls that is bound to make any animal-lover’s home look beautiful.