Funko Pop! Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers ComicWow! Review


The Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers franchise continues with Funko’s new Pop! figures. Two of three new Pop! vinyls include the Red Ranger and the Pink Ranger (the White Ranger is being released with these two, but won’t be mentioned in this review), both of which are perfectly representative of their characters in the series.

Both Rangers stand with balled fists, ready to fight. As per the standard Power Rangers uniform, the gloves and boots have connected diamonds in their respective colors. Each has the same general look with only a few differences here and there.

The most apparent difference is, of course, the color. Next, the logos on their uniforms differ—they are two different types of dinosaurs.  Finally, the helmets have very noticeable differences.


The Red Ranger’s headwear is wider, with more sharp features like triangles around the eyes and a thick band on the middle of the head.

The Pink Ranger’s headwear is a lot softer, with more curves than edges. Even the eyes are less harsh than the Red Ranger’s. The band in the middle of the head is also a lot slimmer, though taller than the other.

Both Rangers are beautifully sculpted and painted, with a lot of attention to detail. The age-old color vs gender issue is at play here, with the Red Ranger in pants and the Pink Ranger in a skirt. As much as I hate stereotypes like this (and have as long as Power Rangers has been around), I respect that Funko has stayed true to the Super Sentai series that Power Rangers was built from—where the Pink Ranger is always female. Any Power Rangers fan would be more than happy about the accuracy of these vinyl figures.


Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers is doing very well as a series from BOOM! Studios. So much so that the newest Power Ranger in 23 years has just emerged! A mysterious Ranger, they might just be the key to what the team has been searching for. Now is the best time to get back into the series you grew up with, or get into it for the first time. That includes getting some awesome collectibles! So, head out to your local comic book shop and inquire about these gems!