Freeway Fighter #1 ComicWow! Review


Freeway Fighter (1985) was released the same year as the 13th gamebook of the Fighting Fantasy series. Fighting Fantasy is a collection of single-player RPG books. They meshed Choose Your Own Adventure storytelling, dice-based RPGs, and many different genres like fantasy, sci-fi, post-apocalyptic, superhero, and horror. The series became immensely popular, leading to action figures, board games, magazines, novels, video games, and more. Now, the comic version of Freeway Fighter is here!

De La Rosa is a former racecar driver (like her dad before her), but now she spends her days just trying to survive in a world where an unknown virus wiped out the vast majority of humanity. She knows her way around, until she walks into a pharmacy, loots some candy, and comes to find that she’s not alone…

The script in this issue is really simple. Most of it is comprised of caption boxes consisting of narration from De La Rosa’s perspective. What little dialogue we get is usually De La Rosa talking to herself and her car. It speaks to both her loneliness and her love for her car—that’s all she knew.

I can’t fully tell what the exact writing style is like, but I love it. There’s nothing extra—no text that doesn’t need to be there. Ewington lets the artwork tell a lot of the story, which I’m really grateful for.

Simon Coleby’s artwork is fan-freaking-tastic. It’s really detailed, so we can see everything from wrinkles in clothing to tattoos. The shading is heavy, and adds a lot of personality to the issue, keeping with the post-apocalyptic theme. There are a lot of lines that account for shadowing, but the realistic colors are what really help with the story’s believability.

This is a great book that gives us a nostalgic throwback to the ‘80s when the Fighting Fantasy books were being released. Fans of the original series are going to love this issue, and it’s the perfect story to get new readers into it, too!

Written by: Andi Ewington

Illustrated by: Simon Coleby