Elektra #1 ComicWow! Review


Elektra has made her way across the country from New York to Las Vegas. She’s hanging out at Midway Casino, where she bets high stakes, makes friends with a bar tender/prostitute, and makes an appearance as Elektra, the ninja assassin herself. Mostly, though, she’s hiding from her past demons. But more people are onto her than she thinks.

Writer Matt Owens actually keeps this issue really calm. I mean, yeah, we see murders and other miscellaneous crime and what not going on, but the script isn’t over the top when it comes to action books. This issue doesn’t show much of Elektra the ninja assassin as it does Elektra Natchios, the woman just reflecting on her life. It’s quite an endearing read, and is steadily paced so the content feels really somber.

One aspect of high society that Owens highlights is the fact that there can be a lot of violence, drama, deceit, and humiliation from the upper classes. Without getting too political, I’ll just say that it’s clear that power can lead to pain.

Artist Juan Cabal takes the lead in this issue. Owens could have easily put Elektra’s inner thoughts on the page for us to read, but Cabal makes it so much more intriguing. Cabal’s illustrations look really stunning—less movement, but more beauty, along with really clean lines. Antonio Fabela and Marcio Menyz’s colors really give Vegas that bright look with really dramatic usage of bright colors and heavy shadows.

Although Elektra makes a very stealthy move, she really doesn’t seem all to ninja-esque, as she’s pretty out in the open. This is an interesting way to change up her character, but I’m not too sure what kind of series it’ll make for. Either way, I’m stoked for more. Elektra can’t seem to leave her old life behind, so there is bound to be action going forward. Keep reading to see what happens!

Written by: Matt Owens

Illustrated by: Juan Cabal