Double Vision ComicWow! Review


Unlike Double Play, Party People Games’ Double Vision is a bit more intricate.

All players (adults, 4-8 players total) wear a necklace with a random tag on it. Everyone draws a New Year’s Resolution card, picks a mover and matching bubble, and puts their pieces on the board at zero drinks.

Players take turns rolling dice and moving around the board. Landing on a bar means the player moves up one drink on the Winner’s Cup. A restaurant means they move down a drink. When they land on an occupied bar or restaurant, the necklace tags come into play, and they much act out the character they are wearing. The player with the least drinks is judge, and gets to create a scenario for the players to act out. Then, he/she decides whether they earn drinks for staying in character. After, players can pick a new tag if they want to.

There are also such things as “Drunken Challenges.” This is where things get interesting. If a player lands on one, another player draws a challenge, reads it aloud, and starts the timer. If the player completes the challenge in the time allotted, they win a drink. Double Play cards come into play in this game, too, if it is drawn instead of a Drunken Challenge.

Party Tricks have the same concept as Drunken Challenges. As for the New Year’s Resolutions, players can use then whenever the card says they can. If they complete the resolution, they get the reward listed on the card. Every time a player lands on/passes the New Year’s Eve Party spot on the board, they get an additional resolution card.

The first player to score 12 (short game) or 21 (long game) points wins.

The games comes with three card stands, one game board, eight movers, eight bubbles, a 30-second timer, 40 Party Trick cards, 40 New Year’s Resolution cards, 60 Drunken Challenge cards, 40 character name tags, eight beaded necklaces, two dice, and one set of instructions.

There are quite a few rules in this game, but not so many that it gets overwhelmingly confusing. This is actually a pretty straightforward game; win drinks, win the game. Marketed as “the party game for party people,” Double Vision includes a lot of different elements, my favorite being impressions. It’s hilarious watching your friends try to act.

The artwork on the box and in the game is beautiful. The lines are clean and the coloring is realistic. The characters are made to depict their name tags, which makes the game look even more enticing. Bright and bold colors help draw the eye to the game, and the eclectic group of characters on the front keeps our attention really well.

This is a great party game, so next time you throw one, make sure to have Double Vision handy!