Double Play ComicWow! Review


Party People Games has released a series of games called Double Play. There are different versions, but today we’re going to talk about two: “Cement Shoes” and “Group Sex.” The former is for ages eight and up, and the latter is strictly for adults…obviously. These trivia card games are sure to bring life to the party!

“Cement Shoes” is a game in which you don’t want to get two cement shoes (cards), or else you’re eliminated. The gameplay is quite simple. One player draws a card, which asks players to name specific things, like scents of candles or brands of shoes. If a player can give three correct answers in 30 seconds, they pass the card along. If they can’t, they’re stuck with a cement shoe, and a new round begins with a new card.

“Group Sex” works the same way, except the categories are a big racier, all having to do with dating and/or sexual situations. I can imagine playing this with a close group of friends and a few rounds of beers. In this game, players collect “sex toy” cards, team up, and try to be the last group standing.

Both games come with a set of rules, 101 trivia cards, three blank cards, and four mystery cards. The only thing you’ll need to provide yourself is a timer.

The artwork therein is all done by Tadd Galusha, who certainly adds his own flair to the illustrations of the boxes and cards. The “mascot” of sorts is a gorilla who is seen with a confused expression on the cover of “Cement Shoes” and in a rather provocative situation on that of “Group Sex.” Both are simple but definitely convey the gist of each respective game.

There are other versions of Double Play, like Gangsters & Rats and Dodgeball. All of them can be played individually or mixed to create one giant, epic game of Double Play.

Matthew Feinberg’s minimalistic design makes Double Play really appealing. This is a simple concept for a game, which is in large part what makes it so great. It isn’t something that requires all too much concentration or care. In turn, it makes a great party game that probably pairs really well with a few drinks.

This is definitely a game for some serious party people. So, the next time you’re having a get together, make it a game night and whip out this gem to surprise your guests with some fun!