Doc Macabre Treasury ComicWow! Review


Steve Niles is currently working on the October Faction, his first ongoing monthly comic.  He is also the creator of Aleister Arcaine, and Frankenstein, Alive! Alive!, 30 Days of Night, Criminal Macabre, and Simon Dark,  as well as many other great horror comics.  He was also a regular contributor to Zombies Versus Robots.  He is a very highly decorated horror writer, having won both the Rondo and the Ghastly as well as multiple Eisner nominations.

Normally, Niles often works with impressionist artists like Damien Worm and Ben Templesmith.  When he chooses a more realistic artist or something more “old school,” his primary choice was Bernie Wrightston.

Bernie Wrightston, who passed away earlier this year, may be best known as co-creator of DC’s Swamp Thing, had 40+ years in comics.  His iconic style also appeared on MeatLoaf album covers, Card Games, and more.  He was one of the most widely respected artists in horror comics. 

The contents of this issue were originally published in 2010-2011.

Doc Macabre is a young, eccentric genius who uses science to remove ghosts.  He’s sort of a one-man paranormal extermination business.  He takes credit cards, and offers a 10% discount if you’ll drive.

He lives with his robot assistant, Lloyd, and unlike the “Ghostbusters,” he has supernatural allies, including an undead detective named Coogan and the Ghoul, who is a hulking giant revenant detective (as well as being another of Niles’ supernatural heroes).

Doc Macabre is investigating a situation where someone is using supernatural means to swindle homeowners.

Steve Niles is a brilliant writer of horror stories, but his real strength is his ability to create characters that engage and hold readers.  He also places them in well-crafted stories that showcase these characters reaching in bizarre and paranormal situations.

Bernie Wrightston was one of the most gifted artists across multiple eras.  His work in the era when DC began to revive horror comics is incredible.  His sense of detail was impeccable.  His use of color, light, and shadow was outstanding.  He simultaneously hearkened back to the DC era as he also expanded what could be done with more advanced color techniques.    

This is some truly impressive work by two true icons of horror comics.

Written by: Steve Niles

Illustrated by: Bernie Wrightston