Die Kitty Die! Hollywood or Bust #1 ComicWow! Review


Kitty Ravencraft is a magical young witch, who has had her own comic book series for quite some time. When sales went south, her publisher decides to do something to boost them back up again—kill Kitty in real life! The question then became: How do you kill a witch? In Die Kitty Die!, we saw tons of supernatural fun. Now, in Die Kitty Die! Hollywood or Bust, Kitty’s sales are back up and better than ever. She even has a movie deal in Hollywood! But will it ever happen with the Hexecutioner trying to kill her?

This issue starts with a reprint from 1999, of L’il Kitty #13. We see the start of her magic powers and how she used them to her benefit. The story then moves along to Kitty signing autographs in a local comic shop. She then makes her way to Hollywood, where things go sour really quickly. First, her publisher is making deals behind her back, and then she is trying to be murdered!

Dan Parent is best known for his work on Archie Comics. Fernando Ruiz has worked on the comics as well. Both have done an insane amount of work with the franchise, and Archie is now a classic series that we have all undoubtedly either read or heard about. Their art style in this issue is similar to that of the Archie books. Certain physical features of characters are emphasized in a cartoonish and animated art style. All show an immense amount of emotion and movement. Small details like a bird in Kitty’s publisher’s bushy hair add an element of humor that makes this story both personable and entertaining.

The writing is done rather perfectly, with dialogue that shows clear character interaction with language that’s simple and easy to understand. In large part, this is what contributes to the quick pacing of the story. The issue is also broken up into smaller stories (that are still linear in fashion, to keep the story’s continuity) to help with the pacing.

There is a lot of humor in the script about themes we all know and recognize, like when a movie producer meets Kitty for the first time and looks at her chest instead of her eyes. As animated as this book looks, it’s not an all ages book by any means. But anyone who enjoys a good story and clean artwork is going to love this issue. The series is just getting started, so make sure to head to your local comic shop and pick up the first issue to stay up to date on all things Kitty Ravencraft!

Written & Illustrated by: Dan Parent & Fernando Ruiz