Diamond Select Toys: X-Men Phoenix PVC Diorama ComicWow! Review


As the X-Men were in a crashing space shuttle, Jean Grey’s cries summoned the Phoenix Force, a being capable of manipulating the energy of the cosmos. Once it possessed Jean, the team was saved. But they didn’t know how destructive a force the Phoenix held, until the Hellfire Club brainwashed Jean and turned her into the Dark Phoenix.

Diamond Select Toys pays homage to the star-devouring mysticism of the Phoenix with this PVC diorama. This 10-inch diorama of Jean Grey is based on her appearance in Uncanny X-Men. It is made of high quality plastic, and comes in a full-color window box, ready for display.

The sculpt, by Alejandro Pereira, is flawless. Jean is anatomically correct, with major muscle groups protruding in a natural and believable manner. She is floating over a base of the Phoenix logo, which itself looks stunning with a transparent-like quality to it. Jean’s costume is perfectly sculpted, with clear and defined lines and breaks in different pieces of her wardrobe. Even her hair looks amazing, flowing outward behind her. She has a calm expression with a slight grin on her face that looks realistic as ever with indentations at the corners of her mouth.

The paint job on this piece is just as brilliant. The Jean’s costume has a glittery shine to it that looks striking from both up close and afar. The paint is done without any deviations from Pereira’s strong lines. Jean’s makeup is done perfectly with a clean look to it, and her hair has a natural flow to it that the paint job reflects very well.

This is a collectible that is well worth the buy for any Phoenix, Jean Grey, and/or X-Men fan. It shows Jean as a beautiful, elegant, but powerful force. This item is available for pre-order now at diamondselecttoys.com!