Diamond Select Toys: Watchmen—The Comedian, Nite Owl, & Rorschach Vinimates ComicWow! Review


Diamond Select Toys (DST) presents its collection of Watchmen Vinimates, including the Comedian, Edward Blake, Nite Owl, Dan Dreiberg, and Rorschach, Ernie Kovacs.

A former member of the Minutemen, Blake worked for the government—ending his vigilante career. When he himself is killed, his co-workers must investigate. The sculpt on this Vinimate is neat and clean.  Small details like holes in holsters and stripes in clothing make this figure worth every penny. With guns and ammo strapped to him, the Comedian has never looked so dangerous. The paint sticks to black, silver, brown, blue, and red. He is also given a really menacing grin and mischievous eyes, even though they’re covered with a mask. Light and shadows are taken into account to make the most realistic collectible possible.

After The Keene Act, Dreiberg retired. But when the Comedian is killed, the second Nite Owl puts his cape back on to investigate the death. This figure of Nite Owl is beautiful. In a movie-inspired pose, Nite Owl is leaning forward, cape sprawled out behind him. There is a lot of detail in the decoration of his costume and cowl, and the paint job looks really classy, for lack of a better word. Copper and bronze make up the bulk of this color scheme, and it looks gorgeous.

Kovacs will go to great lengths to protect the innocent as Rorschach. When the Comedian is killed, Rorschach is stuck in the middle of the investigation. The sculpt of this Vinimate really makes Rorschach look like a typical detective. We’re talking fedora, trench coat, dress shoes, and gun in hand. Browns are mostly used to make up the paint job on this item, and it actually looks really good. This figure is a must-have!

But what is the Watchmen Vinimate collection without all three? These gems are available now at diamondselecttoys.com. All have poseable heads, stand at four inches tall, and come ready for display in a full color window box. What are you waiting for? Order yours today!