Diamond Select Toys: The Iron Giant Vinimate ComicWow! Review


The Iron Giant is a 1999 American animated sci-fi, comedy-drama action film. Arriving on Earth, this colossal robot explores the world and befriends a young boy. But as the military takes action against him, the giant must go against his violent programming to become his own person.

Diamond Select Toys presents the Iron Giant himself, in Vinimate vinyl form! This collectible is an adorable depiction of the character, and perfectly resembles his big screen counterpart. At four inches tall, the Iron Giant still strikes a stoic pose with his hands on his hips.

The sculpt on this figure is perfect. It not only resembles the classic Vinimate block-figure style, but it resembles the Iron Giant really well, with a lot of angular sculpting and bolts here and there to represent the iron he’s made of. The symmetricity of this figure is amazing, and makes it look like a proper machine.

The paint job is also done really well. We have two basic shades of grey and a pale yellow for the eyes. This is exactly how the Iron Giant is represented in the film, but for some reason, the yellow of his eyes brings out a certain soft tone and innocence; this item literally looks like a friendly robot.

With a fully poseable head, this Iron Giant is ready for display in or out of the box. It comes in a full color window box and is perfect for any collection. Head over to diamondselecttoys.com to order yours now!