Diamond Select Toys: The Amazing Spider-Man Symbiote PVC Diorama ComicWow! Review


When high school student Peter Parker was bitten by a radioactive spider, he gained the proportionate strength, speed, and abilities of a spider. Spider-Man came to find, though, that being a hero requires a lot of upkeep. He found a device that creates costumes from thoughts. What resulted from this discovery is the black suit that we see in this figure, Symbiote Spider-Man—more than Peter asked for.

The base of this diorama looks to be the decorative top of a building—a church, maybe—and is inspired by Symbiote Spider-Man’s comic book appearance. One of the Symbiote’s legs is attached to the tip of it, and it actually makes for a pretty sturdy base—despite having only one limb attached. This pose reflects the hero’s abilities really well.

Sculptor Mat Brouillard did a fine job of adding a lot of detail in Symbiote Spider-Man’s appearance. Not only do we see a clean paint job, but the design on the suit itself is sculpted out instead of just painted on. This is an incredible attention to detail that I don’t usually see in a lot of figures that cross my desk.

Other than that, we can clearly see the precision and thought with which Brouillard sculpted the Symbiote’s body. Every major muscle group is shown with incredible detail. The suit, meant to look this skin tight, is over an insanely anatomically correct Peter Parker.

The fact that this 9-inch tall diorama is black, white, and grey gives it a classy look. This is the perfect addition to your Spider-Man or Marvel collection. Available only at GameStop, don’t miss your chance to get a hold of this gem! Packaged in a full-color window box, Spider-Man Symbiote has never looked so regal.